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Swat Security Situation: Questioning the Failures of KPK Government


Swat Security Situation: Questioning the Failures of KPK Government

The recent outcry over fabricated resurgence of TTP in Swat has become another opportunity for the propaganda specialists to spread disinformation against the institutions. The vested elements inside and outside the country are trying to instigate a discord between people and the Armed Forces no matter what until their ulterior motives are achieved. It is so unfortunate to witness the unwarranted ruckus against the LEAs that sacrificed men and material to bring peace in Swat with the full support of people of Pakistan.

People are protesting against the alleged return of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan in Swat and these protests are posing questions to the KPK government on their governance efficiency. Pakistan Army after successful military operations completely uprooted the terrorists from the region and handed over the responsibility to Chief Minister KPK Mehmood Khan back in October 2018.

After successfully curbing the terror groups the region was handed over to the civilian government in a formal ceremony in which the CM KPK acknowledged the efforts of Pakistan’s Armed Forces. He said; “Today is our victory day and we proudly announce that now there is no presence of any terrorist hideouts in Swat as Pakistan military successfully defeated them and destroyed all their hideouts in Swat and other parts of Malakand region,” He further stated that “Today complete peace has returned here in Swat.” PTI has been ruling the province of KPK for the last 9 years and if still they require the support of Army in case of any short-lived law and order breach, one thing is clear that they have failed in governing the province as mostly their governance model has hinges on political rhetoric alone rather than delivery of services to the people of area.

The government of KPK has celebrated its police reforms multiple times as part of social media promotions but the real face has now been fully exposed. It is unfortunate that PTI driven keyboard warriors have launched vicious social media campaigns against Pakistan Security forces which rendered countless sacrifices for bringing peace in Swat. Deliberate efforts are being made to scapegoat LEAs while taking attention away from the utter incompetence of the local PTI politicians like KP CM Mehmood Khan and Murad Saeed.

Why questions are not being asked from the provincial government on so called troubled security situation in Swat? What is KP law minister doing? Why KP police is not being operationalized in the troubled area? Why Chief Minister is not taking any action against the deteriorating security situation? Why KP police is not clarifying that firing on driver of school van in Mangora was a matter of personal enmity and not terrorism? Why Army is being criticized over the unrelated and isolated incidents? Is it just to call Army troops for support every now and then for even managing normal policing and governance related functions? All these questions must be asked from the so-called opinion leaders on social media who are engaged in mudslinging the institutions. Isn’t it a blatant failure of the provincial government and now they are trying to play the blame game and cash on political dividend under the garp of few incidents. People of Swat in particular will have to ask these serious questions from the provincial government and hold them accountable for their utter failures in managing affairs of the province.

Humais Sheikh .
Humais Sheikh .https://www.globalcourant.com/
Humais Sheikh is an independent Defence Analyst based in Islamabad. He has completed his Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad

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