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Drubbing The Propaganda on SWAT’s Security Situation


Drubbing The Propaganda on SWAT’s Security Situation

The recent claims of terrorist outfits being recrudescence in Swat is being used by the sub-nationalist groups as a fuel for their propaganda machines. The security concerns are being blamed on the Armed Forces who were pivotal in curbing the menace of terrorism after fighting a sustained sub-conventional war and securing a victory that a superpower like US could not achieve despite its military & economic prowess. However, the disruption in Swat is critical and if there is someone who should be held responsible for this situation to develop, it is the provincial government. Security and management area was officially handed over to the KP government in a formal ceremony in 2018.

While commenting on situation in Swat, Defense Minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif said; “If the fire in Swat is not controlled, then this fire can reach everyone including me.” But the question is who is eligible to control the situation there? The budding stage of any law and order situation is controlled by the local administration and the Army comes when the situation is uncontrollable for them. There is a misconception or a willful ignorance on the issue of Swat that it is under the control of Army. Because, Army handed over the region to the KP government 4 years ago.

The CM KPK acknowledged the efforts of Pakistan’s Armed Forces. He said; “Today is our victory day and we proudly announce that now there is no presence of any terrorist hideouts in Swat as Pakistan military successfully defeated them and destroyed all their hideouts in Swat and other parts of Malakand region,” He further stated that “Today complete peace has returned here in Swat.”

PTI has been ruling the province of KPK for the last 9 years and if still they are looking towards the Army in case of any short-lived law and order breach, one thing is clear that they have failed in governing the province efficiently as mostly their governance focus has hinged on political rhetoric alone rather than delivery of services to the people of area. The isolated incidents are being linked with terrorism and blamed on the security by claiming that Army is in control of the region, but, the reality is otherwise.

The fake propaganda campaigns against the forces originate from sources who sympathize with the enemy to fulfil their nefarious agenda. Contrary to the fake news Pakistan Army is continuously holding peaceful events in the Swat valley and security situation continues to be monitored by LEAs. On October 18, 2022 a successful sports event was held in Peochar Swat that had falsely been portrayed on the social media as a hot bed of militancy. Such contributions of Pakistan Army are a slap on the face of propagandists busting their fake claims and false narratives. The troubled security situation must be inquired from the local government as they were responsible for maintaining law & order and ensure good governance. PTI is ruling the state for the last 9 years and if still they are unable to establish peace in the area then they must revisit their policies and deliver on promises that remain yet to be achieved.

Humais Sheikh .
Humais Sheikh .https://www.globalcourant.com/
Humais Sheikh is an independent Defence Analyst based in Islamabad. He has completed his Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad

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