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What are the legendary resources of Africa and the perspective of looking at the whole world/Iran in the black continent?


What are the legendary resources of Africa and the perspective of looking at the whole world/Iran in the black continent?

According to IRNA’s foreign policy correspondent, the periodical trip of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Africa can be seen as the continuation of the path that began in Iran’s diplomacy field in September last year, a path that is guided by the principle of “looking at all regions of the world”. The two countries of Mali, Tanzania and Zanzibar were the African destinations of Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in the past week, and the Islamic Republic intends to define a part of the future of Africa and the interests of the Islamic Republic with a special look at this continent and its infinite potential. to provide from these sources.

An overview of the Foreign Minister’s visit to Africa

On Monday evening, August 31, Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian went to Bamako, the capital of Mali, at the head of a high-level political and business delegation, and was welcomed by Foreign Minister Abdullah Diop. Attending the first meeting of the Joint Commission of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Mali, meeting with “Aismi Goita”, the head of the Transitional Government of the Republic of Mali, a joint meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country and signing the memorandum of understanding of the Joint Cooperation Commission and the document establishing the follow-up of the Joint Commission of Iran and Mali, meeting with The Minister of Industry of this country was one of the most important programs and meetings of Amir Abdullahian in this trip.

What are the legendary resources of Africa and the perspective of looking at the whole world/Iran in the black continent?

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, Doum Shahrivar, left for Tanzania in his second destination in this periodic trip, and was welcomed by “Librata Mola Mola” the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country in Dar es Salaam. The meeting with “Samaya Sulloho Hassan”, the president and “Librata Mola Mola”, the foreign minister of Tanzania, attending the gathering of Iranians and Shiite worshipers living in Dar es Salaam and the meeting of economic and business activists of Iran and Tanzania were among the most important programs of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Tanzania. In this trip, the parties talked about setting up a road map that can improve and consolidate the level of relations between the two countries; It was noticed by both sides.

Amir Abdollahian III left Tanzania for Zanzibar in Shahrivar and was welcomed by Nasser Mazurei, Minister of Health of Zanzibar, at the airport of this autonomous region. During this trip, the Minister of Foreign Affairs met with the President of Zanzibar, Hossein Moini, and the joint economic committee of the two countries was present.

Amir Abdullahian’s first periodic trip to the African continent ended on the morning of the 6th of Shahrivar to mark the beginning of a new chapter of Iran’s cooperation with this pristine region of the world.

The importance and achievements of traveling to Africa

The capacities and resources of the African continent, from energy to mines, on the one hand, and the virginity of these resources on the other hand, have turned this continent into one of the most important areas of interest for the world community. The 13th government’s attention to this continent is evaluated in the same way. According to Amir Abdollahian, the 13th government is looking at all regions of the world with a priority on Asia and its neighbors, as well as some countries on the African continent. The presence of a group of government agents and industrial owners and managers of large economic and commercial companies, holding joint commercial and industrial meetings is a sign of this serious attention.

It seems that the 13th government pays special attention to the development of relations with the African region, and this attention has been noticed by African countries as well, with the positive developments in political and economic relations and the visit of officials of this country, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali, in February of this year. The past to Iran can be evaluated in this context.

Africa is a virgin market and, of course, it is thirsty for new technologies, and considering the self-sufficiency of the Islamic Republic in the areas of knowledge-based, defense and health industries, technology transfer and cooperation in this area can benefit Iran and African countries. In line with this view, the Minister of Foreign Affairs met and talked with the economic officials and business delegations of the two countries of Mali and Tanzania, as well as the Zanzibar region. Through this trip, the economic capacities of Africa for Iran and Iran for Africa can be known to business and economic groups and open the way for bilateral investments. Iran’s use of Africa’s geographical capacities and agricultural pastures in this region can be evaluated as a good capacity to secure Iran’s interests, considering their officials’ emphasis on political independence. In the same meeting, the Minister of Financial Industry stated about the political independence of his country and other African countries: Finance is not the backyard of any country and we are looking for partnership and we are looking for political and security partnerships as well as economic and new partnership in this field.

The presence of representatives from the Ministry of Labor, Oil and Defense, the Export Guarantee Fund of other related ministries and a large number of private sector managers during Amir Abdullahian’s trip to Africa shows that Iran is investing in the fields of electricity production, agricultural machinery, detergents and canned products, industries It will pay special attention to the building and construction materials and the field of healthcare in Africa.

Iran has the ability of this investment and cooperation due to its fourteen decades of experience of standing on its own feet despite all the limitations, and it is enough to introduce the 43-year achievements of the Islamic Republic in practical, technological, industrial, defense, health, medicine and treatment fields to Africa. The eagerness of European countries to hold industrial and production exhibitions shows that they are aware of Iran’s ability in these areas and Tehran’s political goodwill in helping the continent.

For example, Tanzania has high capacities for investment in fields such as mining, agriculture and animal husbandry, fisheries and industries, tourism, trans-territorial cultivation and export of tropical fruits, but according to the officials of this country, the volume of trade between Iran and Tanzania does not reflect the political relations between the two countries. And steps have been taken in this field, which includes the 2022 Chamber of Commerce meeting.

In today’s world, Africa is a victim of tribal and sectarian terrorism or security interference of other countries due to many internal and external reasons, and Iran, as one of the biggest victims in this field, has great experience in fighting this sinister phenomenon, which was also mentioned in Amir Abdullahian’s speech during his visit. The African side was raised.

The balanced diplomacy of the 13th government, the basis of negotiations

The strategy of identifying any capacity anywhere in the world to secure national interests was a decade of stagnation in relation to the world minus three European countries and America. Mehdi Safari, Deputy Minister of Economic Diplomacy of Foreign Affairs, has said that the government’s view is to expand economic relations and diversify international relations with similar countries in all parts of the world.

Traveling to Africa and identifying capacities based on which sanctions restrictions can be overcome is the foreign policy of the 13th government, a balanced and dynamic policy that is in intelligent interaction with all parts of the world. In the shadow of this policy, the government is not looking forward to JCPOA negotiations and agreeing to any agreement, and it can even attend these negotiations with full hands.

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