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“United States of Political Violence” Time magazine’s chosen name for America


“United States of Political Violence” Time magazine’s chosen name for America

According to IRNA’s Saturday report from the Time website; More than 20 interviews with analysts and US government officials show that the extent of politically motivated violence is alarmingly widespread today, and there is even concern that it will change the political landscape of this country.

In the past year, Time has followed up and investigated threats, harassment and violent attacks on government officials and their families, and news reports, records recorded in the government and interviews with experts and officials at all levels of government, video It shows that the most fundamental institutions of this nation, such as electoral offices, city councils, urban health and treatment centers, boards of directors of education centers and even public library systems, are under the influence of this constant intimidation and fear. and have lost their content.

Some incidents of increasing violence, from the January 6, 2021 riot at the US Capitol building to prevent the ratification of the presidential election, to the October 28 attack on the San Francisco home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 82, who prosecutors say was the attacker. He hit his wife on the head with a hammer, threatening to break her knees, the headlines of the press and national news of this country have become.

But prominent American politicians are not the only targets of this violence, and threats against federal judges have increased by 400% in the last 6 years, reaching 4,200 cases in 2021. Also, 57 percent of the 583 local health and treatment centers during the Corona epidemic have confirmed attacks on their employees with targeted personal threats, mobbing and other forms of harassment, so that the Ministry of Justice is forced to create separate forces to fight against The intimidation and threats of government officials focused one force on the employees of the education department and the other focused on confronting the threats to the employees of voting centers, and so far 100 cases of threats against voting centers have reached the level of federal criminal investigation.

According to analysts, these threats disproportionately target women or people of color. Several government officials told TIME that the rise in violent threats has put a strain on state and local budgets, forcing them to hire armed guards for residential homes and install bulletproof glass for local government offices and offices. Investing in psychological counseling to relieve stress on government employees and devoting time and money to things like training to confront armed assailants and checking emails and phone calls for messages that might be reported to law enforcement Security and police should be considered necessary. Considering that many of these acts of violence and harassment are expressed and carried out based on the principle of freedom of speech enshrined in the United States Constitution, authorities with limited resources can hardly afford to outrage threats that threaten their security. to identify

According to experts, most of these threats are not made by crazed citizens or ordinary criminals, but by ordinary US citizens who work in an environment where political discontent has grown to the point where violent threats have become commonplace. According to this year’s joint survey by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland, one out of every three American citizens considers violence against the government to be sometimes justified, including 40% of Republicans and 23% of Democrats.

Officials of the United States have told TIME: With the rise of acceptance of violence as a tool of policymaking, now events that were not significant before and administrative and bureaucratic decisions are increasingly causing threats and harassment. A significant number of these cases are caused by the anger of the social media, which has intensified the current anger towards the electoral infrastructure of this country, which, for example, can point to the false claim of former President Donald Trump’s supporters that this mechanism is due to widespread fraud. In the 2020 elections, it has led to the defeat of their favorite candidate.

Also, the concerns and anxieties that fueled the conspiracy hypothesis about the Covid-19 pandemic have led to attacks on health care workers.

School authorities and local educational centers are also increasingly threatened for insisting on racially significant assumptions or inappropriate books, as well as other related issues.

While the vast majority of U.S. citizens who make such threats do not act on them, the prospect of being targeted by officials is still costly, experts say, and many state and local officials have made them either withdraw or refuse to compete again in the elections regardless of the current threat and violence and the risk of future threats. A survey of US mayors last fall found that one in three had considered quitting their job because of the threats, and 70 percent said they knew someone who didn’t because of such difficulties. try again to his current position.

According to Lillian Mason, a political scientist at Johns Hopkins University, focusing on the issue of political polarization; Monsterization of all aspects of the federal government down to the local level, aside from the negative impact on public service workers, experts say is a sign of the so-called “moral separation of parties” in which a growing number of Americans consider citizens of opposing political views. Instead of a human being, they see him as a devil and a serious threat to their country.

The view of 64% of the respondents to the CBS News and Yugao August survey about the increase in political violence in the future, shows that the citizens do not have hope and expectation for this situation to improve.

The examples collected by Time to better understand how the threat of violence against government officials has affected the changes and developments in the United States since the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, indicate the perspective and severity of the crisis that is rotting and destroying the foundations of democracy in this country. slow

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