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The privatization of the petrochemical industry led to great corruption


The privatization of the petrochemical industry led to great corruption

Hamidreza Jeihani, in an interview with IRNA’s economic reporter, mentioned the problems of privatization in the previous governments as well as handovers in a characteristic manner and added: when an issue is to be discussed, it is better to first consider the philosophy of its existence. Privatization should also pay attention to this point.

He stated: For several reasons, the authorities moved towards the activation of the privatization issue in the country, and in this context, the philosophy of privatization should be paid attention to, and it should be determined that what percentage of privatizations were successful and what percentage were unsuccessful?

Objectives of privatization in the country

Jehani pointed out the goals of privatization in the country and continued: reducing the state’s ownership and making companies agile are among the important factors that should be taken into consideration in the implementation of privatization.

Emphasizing that according to the practical and real definition of privatization, we will come to the conclusion that we have not achieved the real goal, this economic expert said: Khusulati companies have been privatized only in appearance and in name, but in reality the entire management system and burden The responsibility of that company is on the government in a different way.

He stated that privatization should lead to the activation of the country’s non-governmental sector, and stated: In Iran, the non-governmental sector is considered only for the private sector, and they do not pay attention to the fact that there are other strong structures and capacities in the country, such as the cooperative sector. So far, not much attention has been paid to this sector in terms of privatization.

Jihani pointed out: If the capacities of the cooperative sector are paid attention to in the issue of privatization, many corruptive cases such as rent-seeking issues and the strengthening of certain individuals in the current privatization system can be eliminated.

This economic expert added: When we move towards privatization, the goal is to move towards the use of capable and efficient managers with practical capacities through reducing the interference of government appointed managers.

Qualified handovers, the backyard of incompetent managers

He emphasized: “In Khusulati handovers, a secluded life has been created for incompetent managers who did not have much access to government access, and now they can operate through this type of handover, which is less subject to the supervision of regulatory agencies.”

Jihani continued: In the last few years and in this type of handing over, managers behaved in such a way that we have faced a problem called abandonment, in fact, these people are among the managers who should be justified for not working, not for working.

This economic expert pointed out: Another point is that we are less faced with the issue of transparency in sovereign state systems, but if we move towards real privatization, especially in the framework of the stock market, we will no longer face rent and cheap sales in terms of prices.

He pointed out: In the previous periods of the management of the privatization organization, collections were put up for auction, which were handed over to the people they wanted under normal conditions and at a low price, thus jeopardizing the interests of the government.

Jeihani believes that at some point these issues will come together; Transparency in handovers is disturbed.

This economic expert stated that it is better not only in the field of petrochemicals, but in all sectors, to leave the Khusulati sector, and said: In petrochemicals, the corruptions of their privatization are more transparent and the figures related to their rent are outrageous.

He emphasized: “During the previous management period of the privatization organization, we saw that the slaughterhouse in the northwestern provinces was transferred to people close to them, which is somehow considered as rent and corruption in the handovers.”

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