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The government’s view of Anzali lagoon is national


The government’s view of Anzali lagoon is national

On Tuesday, at the meeting of the National Committee for the Anzali Wetland Restoration, which was held in the presence of the Governor of Gilan and a group of administrators and judicial officials and the governors of Rasht, Anzali, Khammam and Soumesara cities in Anzali, Ali Selajgeh added: According to the order of the president, we should work with the traders of the Anzali Wetland ecosystem. be encountered

He said: The nominal water storage capacity of Sefid Rood Dam was 1.8 billion cubic meters, but today it has decreased to 900 million cubic meters.

He stated: The catchment area of ​​Sefidroud Dam is 5 million hectares and the amount of sediment entering the dam from the Taleghan River is 50%.
Criticizing why the watershed of the dam has not been seen in the view of comprehensive management, he said: With this situation, Sefidroud is going out of use and will gradually be destroyed, and this problem will affect the agricultural land, energy production and aquatic life of this province. It is risky.
In the context of the measures taken in the Anzali wetland, Selajgeh also stated: The sediment traps created in this wetland are not even housing and are not acceptable from a scientific point of view.

He said: We must first proceed step by step with the comprehensive watershed plan based on scientific principles to reach the wetland, a wetland that is being suffocated and its catchment area has been destroyed, and today we must be accountable to the people.
The vice president said: The sediments and sewage flowing from the Zarjoub and Goharroud rivers into the Anzali lagoon should be stopped in a specified period of time, and the General Directorate of Natural Resources and Watershed Management should specify and present its comprehensive plan within the catchment area.
Emphasizing that we will not allow the Anzali wetland to turn into the situation of Lake Urmia, he added: The technical and legal committee should be brought together and the area of ​​the wetland should be determined and its cadastral map prepared.
The head of the Environmental Protection Organization added: The rights of the opponents, including the owner, tenant, and occupier, are also determined, and those who have entered and occupied the wetland should be removed from the wetland area in a proper manner.
He asked the governor to appoint a single manager for the committees of Anzali Lagoon so that the credits of all the institutions and their management are available to this committee.
He emphasized: Security and judicial committee and supervisory and executive committee should be established for Anzali wetland so that the progress of the work is clear and offenders are dealt with seriously.
He expressed hope: According to the approach of the 13th government, Anzali lagoon will experience happy days and with the camp that was created for this purpose and the spirit of jihad that exists, the committees should determine the time frame of the work with the participation of local communities and take action.
He said: an operational camp based on all the laws should operate and the parliament should be on its side, and the Anzali wetland issue should be followed up as a national discussion and we will proceed with a specific time and with a comprehensive management plan. Gilan is activated.

Selajgeh clarified: Also, considering that fire fighting is entrusted to the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Defense should intervene in the event of a fire in the wetland.

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