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The beginning of tourism week programs with the slogan “New ideas in Iran’s tourism”


The beginning of tourism week programs with the slogan “New ideas in Iran’s tourism”

According to IRNA’s report of Arya’s heritage, the World Tourism Organization, with the aim of revitalizing tourism with the approach of the local community, the environment and minorities with the priority of flexibility in tourism activities, has dedicated the slogan of the year to rethinking tourism and announced that this organization is one of the protection efforts of rural communities. , including the protection of endangered species, supports ancient customs and foods to preserve their unique natural and cultural heritage.

In this framework, this year the motto of World Tourism Day is “Rethinking Tourism”; The national slogan of the tourism week in Iran is also named “new ideas in Iranian tourism”.

The tourism week has started today – Tuesday – October 5 and will continue until October 11. In this regard, every day of the tourism week is known by a name and various programs are planned to be held on this day.

October 5 World Tourism Day is associated with the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Reza (AS); Hence the name of this day “Iran is the cradle of Shiite pilgrimage and religious civilization” Has been named. In this context, programs such as the mourning of Iran’s longest palm tree harvest in Taft (Yazd), a photo exhibition of the selected works of the Ashurian heritage competition (Zanjan), the ruby ​​dust and perfume of the martyrs’ holy flower garden (selected provinces), the meeting of tourism activists with Friday imams (selected provinces) Chosen), the mourning ceremony will be held in the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (PBUH) on the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam Reza (PBUH) (Qom) and the photo exhibition of spiritual tourism (Tehran) will be held on this day.

October 6 It also coincides with the anniversary of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) migration to Medina and the beginning of the new lunar year. This day is also called “Tourism in four regions of Iran” In this regard, programs have been named, including the conference of the simultaneous opening of 186 tourism projects (all over the country), the signing ceremony of three memorandums with the Airports Company, the Post Company and the Ports and Shipping Organization in the field of tourism (Tehran), the meeting of the members of the trade association of travel service offices. Iran Air and Tourism (Tehran), unveiling of the guidelines for registering events in the country’s tourism events calendar (Ministry of Tourism), special program for welcoming travelers and tourists (selected provinces), local and local music and games festival (Lorestan), implementation of children’s painting program With the theme of tourism (Lorestan), date festival (Bushehr), purebred and native Yasouj horse festival (Kahkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad), tourism bell ringing in selected schools (selected provinces) will be held on this day.

October 7 In the calendar, it is named as firefighting and safety day, so this day in the tourism week is also named “Tourism and connection of Iranian ethnic groups” called On this day, with events such as the opening of handicrafts, tourism and hotel exhibition (Isfahan), tourism day commemoration ceremony in Tabriz (East Azerbaijan), family walking and cycling festival (Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari), Makran beach tourism festival (Hormozgan) Khoron Pomegranate and Rafsanjan Pistachio Festival (Kerman), Walnut Harvest Festival (Kurdistan), “Rethinking Tourism” Meeting (Yazd), Isfahan Gaz Festival on the sidelines of the Tourism Exhibition (Isfahan), Isfahan Sister Cities Meeting on the sidelines of the exhibition and tourism week (Isfahan), holding a polo league on the sidelines of the tourism exhibition (Isfahan), children’s tourism event “Peace Children’s Festival” (Yazd), walking tour program of the historical fabric of Babylon (Mazandaran).

October 8 Also, in addition to the fact that the official calendar of the country is named as Maulvi Commemoration Day, it is also the International Day of the Deaf and the International Day of Translation and Interpreter. In the tourism week calendar, this day is also called “Iran is the home of thinkers and cultural and literary figures” Has been named. On this day, witness the carpet cleaning ceremony of Mashhad Ardahal Kashan (Isfahan), Shams and Rumi Conference (West Azerbaijan), Kurdish table-local food festival (Kurdistan), Khabar Baft food tourism (Kerman), special tourism tour for the deaf with the presence of a sign language interpreter. (Yazd), South East Asia Food Festival (Sistan and Baluchistan), Family Rally Competition (Sistan and Baluchistan), Gorgan Deaf Paratour (Golestan), Trail Running Competition (Sports Tourism) (Mazandaran) and Melair Grape Juice Festival (Hamadan). Was.

October 9 It is also the International Day of the Elderly and is called Tourism Week “Accessible tourism for all tourists” Has been named. On this day, the tourism development festival of old Iran with the view of Danesh Benian (Tehran), the closing of the praised festival and the signing of the memorandum of understanding of the Entrepreneurship Fund (Tehran), the opening of the fall tourism school, the establishment of an accessible tourism familiarization parade (selected provinces), the Kermanshah tourism photo exhibition from New Gate (Kermanshah), Children and Tourism Festival (Mazandaran), Medical and Health Tourism Specialized Meeting (Qazvin), Kite Festival (North Khorasan), Sorkheh After Cheese Festival (Semnan), Jam and Dashtestan Breadshot Festival (Busher). Hot and Cold Drinks Festival (Kerman), Azadshahr Local Tea and Herbal Drinks Festival (Golestan), Shiraz Bread and Sweets Festival (Pers), painting competition with the theme of introducing tourist attractions of Mazandaran province will be held at Abbas Abad World Base (Mazandaran).

October 10 It is also equal to Mehrgan festival, this day is called tourism week in the calendar “Tourism and Iranian food” named Therefore, the second event of Iran and food tourism will be held in Sede Nou (Tehran) on this day. Other programs that will be held on this day of the tourism week include the conference honoring the best tourism in Tehran province (Spinas Hotel, Tehran), the thanksgiving festival for the harvest of agricultural products (Pomegranate Festival – Yazd), the pomegranate harvest festival (Kurdistan), the second agricultural tourism Natural Honey Festival (West Azerbaijan), Ijor Bread and Salt Festival (Zanjan), Rig Malik and Lut Desert Tour (Sistan and Baluchistan), Jaghurbaghur Cooking Festival at the Match Factory (Zanjan), Iranian Food Festival, local food at Kashan eco-residences ( Isfahan), cooking festival of sea foods in the south of the country with the presence of prominent chefs (Busher), Thanksgiving festival of Bafaq date harvest (Yazd), Kandak traditional tea festival and herbal teas (North Khorasan) and Zau Kalaleh festival (Golestan).

October 11 Also called “Nature tourism and rural tourism» Named for this, programs such as the conference commemorating the tourism week and honoring the best of tourism and travel headquarters (Tehran), the closing of the tourism and hotel exhibition (Isfahan), the birdwatching workshop for children (Hormozgan), the olive and pomegranate harvest festival in Tarem Sefli (Qazvin) and photo exhibition of ecotourism attractions of the province (South Khorasan) will be held on this day. October 12 is also dedicated to the Tourist and Media Festival (Persian).

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