Russia ‘Regroups’ Troops in East as Ukraine Advances

Russia said it was pulling back troops from the eastern Kharkiv region of Ukraine as Kyiv announced massive territorial gains in its lightning counter-offensive. A Moscow-backed separatist leader in the east meanwhile said Russian forces were fighting “difficult” battles against Kyiv’s troops in several parts of eastern Donetsk region. A Ukrainian official also said Kyiv’s … Read more

At least 50 civilians killed in April by Malian army, foreign troops: UN

The alleged massacre took place on market day in Hombori municipality, in the central region of Douentza, after a Mali military convoy hit an improvised explosive device. The UN has repeatedly accused Malian soldiers of summarily executing civilians and suspected militants over the course of their decade-long fight against armed groups. (Reuters Archive) At least … Read more

EU to discuss visa ban for Russians, training Kiev troops at Prague talks

The EU plans to make it harder for Russians to travel to the bloc by suspending a deal that eases their visa applications, while EU defence ministers consider a military training programme for Ukrainian forces. The six-month-old conflict in Ukraine remains a foreign policy priority for the EU and a visa ban for Russians pushed … Read more

Pakistan to send troops for FIFA World Cup security in Qatar

Fast News Pakistan’s Federal Cabinet has approved troop deployment for the mega event ahead of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to Qatar. Pakistan’s premier Shehbaz Sharif has wished the people and government of Qatar every success in the world’s largest sporting events. (Reuters) Pakistan will provide its troops for the security of the FIFA World … Read more

France completes pull-out of all troops in Mali

The last soldiers belonging to France’s Barkhane operation in Mali left the African country after nearly a decade, following President Macron’s decision to pull out. The relationship between Mali and France, its former colonial power and traditional ally, has deteriorated in recent months. (Reuters Archive) France has said that all of its troops battling a … Read more

Sri Lanka troops storm key protest site as Wickremesinghe takes charge

Hundreds of Sri Lankan soldiers and police swoop in on unarmed activists blocking Presidential Secretariat in capital Colombo, a sign new President Ranil Wickremesinghe is cracking down a day after his swearing-in. Head of the influential Bar Association of Sri Lanka warns military action would hurt the new government’s international image. (Reuters) Sri Lankan security … Read more

Russia’s troops shot down four Ukrainian jets – Moscow

Russian and Ukrainian officials are to hold talks in Istanbul over stalled grain deliveries that have pushed global food prices skywards, while Kiev says it has destroyed a Russian arms depot as fighting rages on its 140th day. Russia’s defence ministry says its forces destroyed the Ukrainian jets in the Mykolaiv region of southern Ukraine. … Read more

UK troops ‘killed’ dozens of unarmed men, detainees in Afghanistan

A BBC investigation has found that over 50 detainees and unarmed civilians were killed in Afghanistan by a British elite unit and officers at the highest levels of Special Forces were aware of the killings. According to the former soldiers’ account, some individuals within the force “were competing with each other to get the most … Read more

‘Heavy fighting’ as Russian troops move into Ukraine’s Donetsk

Fast News Fighting rages in and around Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region as Russian troops try to maintain a series of battlefield gains in the military conflict, now in its 133rd day. Donetsk is “on top of their list” following their capture of Luhansk, says a Ukrainian official. (Reuters) Wednesday, July 6, 2022 Regional official: Russians … Read more

Palestinian teen shot by Israeli troops dies in occupied West Bank

Fast News Kamel Abdallah Alwaneh, 19, who was targeted by Israeli troops a day ago near the refugee city of Jenin, succumbed to his wounds, says Palestine’s Foreign Ministry. Alwaneh’s killing was the latest in a surge of deadly Israeli violence in the occupied West Bank in recent months. (AP) A Palestinian man who was … Read more