Uzbekistan president meets with Organization of Islamic Cooperation head

RIYADH: Muzon Ashgar, founder and manager of Saudi brand MZN Bodycare, has always had an interest in natural skincare products, which she sourced from the US. But after throwing a recreational “spa party” for friends a few years ago, she realized there was no need to look abroad to be ethically conscious. Ashgar put together … Read more

Parliamentary body gives nod for talks with terrorist organization

The military on Tuesday secured the nod of the Parliamentary Com­­m­ittee on National Secu­rity’s for peace talks with the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakis­tan (TTP) after conceding to the Pakis­tan Peoples Party’s demand for the process to be overseen by a parliamentary committee.  “There was nearly a consensus that the talks should be held except for opposition … Read more

The Social Security Organization is ready to make compensatory payments as a proportional adjustment of pensioners’ rights

According to IRNA, Mohammad Hadi Zahedi Wafa added: The president, the first deputy as well as other members of the government have always defended the rights and interests of the various sections of the target society of this ministry, and some comments and quotes attributed to them that are sometimes published in cyberspace It is … Read more