Statement of the forensic organization about the cause of death of Mehsa Amini

According to IRNA, it is stated in this statement: A brief description of the report of the cause of death of the deceased Mehsa Amini Submitted to the judicial authority based on the hospital file of brain surgery for craniopharyngioma in Milad Hospital in 2006, the medical file of Kasri Hospital at the time leading up to death, the description of the appearance of the corpse and the autopsy, the results of toxicology and pathology tests, judicial investigations and numerous expert committees. Specialized and super-specialized are regulated as follows:

After surgery for a brain tumor of craniopharyngioma at the age of 8, the deceased had a disorder in the important hypothalamus-pituitary axis and the glands under its command (including adrenal and thyroid). Due to this underlying disease, the deceased was treated with hydrocortisone, levothyroxine and desmopressin drugs.

On 6/22/1401 at 19:56, he suddenly lost consciousness and subsequently fell to the ground, due to the underlying disease, the deceased did not have the necessary ability to compensate and adapt to the situation. The mentioned patient suffered from heart rhythm disorder and decreased blood pressure and subsequently decreased level of consciousness due to the ineffective cardio-respiratory resuscitation operation in the first critical minutes. The respiratory support performed by the emergency personnel did not work, and despite his transfer to the hospital and the efforts of the medical staff of Kasari Hospital, the patient died due to multiple organ failure (MOF) caused by cerebral hypoxia on 6/25/1401.

It should be noted that by referring to hospital medical documents, the examination of C. T-scan of the brain and lungs, the results of the physical examination of the body and autopsy, pathology tests, the mentioned death was not caused by hitting the head or the vital organs and elements of the body.

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