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Prediction of a decrease in the price of coins and gold


Prediction of a decrease in the price of coins and gold

In an interview with IRNA reporter, Mohammad Keshti Arai stated: Last week, the world price of gold decreased by $44 and reached $1,696. On the other hand, there were few fluctuations due to the positive nature of JCPOA negotiations

He continued: two factors of the decrease in the global price of gold and exchange rate fluctuations caused the price of gold not to increase, but to go down.

The vice president of the Tehran Gold and Jewelry Union stated: The latest prices indicate that the old design coin is 200 thousand tomans, the new design coin is 320 thousand tomans, the half coin is 100 thousand tomans, the quarter coin is 50 thousand tomans and the one gram coins are 100 thousand tomans. It had a weekly price.

He added: The price of each shekel of melted gold will decrease by 80 thousand tomans, and each gram of 18 carat gold will decrease by 25 thousand tomans, and these changes will cause the coin bubble to decrease by 200 thousand tomans and reach 1 million 300 thousand tomans in the latest transactions.

Keshti Arai said: It is expected that due to the positive process of the JCPOA negotiations, the price of the currency will face a slight price decrease under the influence of this process. Also, with the global decrease in gold next week, we will not have an increase in the price of gold and coins, and with the continuation of this process, we will see a decrease in the price. Was.

He said: “The shadow of the negotiations has become a determinant of the economic direction, and in the latest published news, the negotiations will be finalized in the coming days, and as a result, it is expected that the prices will stabilize in the coming weeks.”

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