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Parliament’s reaction to recent events; The gangs behind the scene of riots


Parliament’s reaction to recent events;  The gangs behind the scene of riots

According to IRNA’s parliamentary correspondent, at the end of the public meeting of the Islamic Council on 30 September, the representatives criticized the recent riots in their oral remarks and identified the gangs as the perpetrators of these riots.

Naqd Ali: Enemies are lying in wait for those who targeted the security of Islamic Iran

In this regard, Hojjatul Islam Mohammad Taqi Naqd Ali, the representative of the people of Khomeinishahr in the parliament, referring to the 39 martyrs of the police force in the first 6 months of this year, said: None of the presidents has made a phone call to the families of the martyrs of the police force, and no special commission has been appointed for their livelihood and hard work. It is not handled.

Emphasizing that the police force worked oppressively and powerfully for the country in recent days, he added: “An incident happened in recent days that hurt hearts, but the enemies and opponents and those who are lying in wait who targeted the security of Islamic Iran should be known by the Ummah.” Hezbollah and the faithful people of Iran at the same time do not allow any violation of the law.

The representative of the people of Khomeinishahr stated in the parliament: I request the parliament to support the oppression of the security forces, who, according to Hazrat Ali (pbuh), are the strong fortress of the Islamic country, and to pay attention to the livelihood of these people.

Haji Deligani: England and the hypocrites are behind the scenes of the recent seditions

In addition to this, Hossein Ali Haji Deligani, a member of the parliament’s presiding committee, also said in this regard: The nation of Islamic Iran has been and will continue to strive for the rule of God’s rulings and traditions in society for 44 years, and this is all the mission that the leader of the martyrs, Imam Hossein (AS), said; I stood up for the rule of divine decrees and divine traditions and to reform the affairs of the people.

He added: Also, the supreme leader of the revolution also mentioned many times; After every great victory for the nation of Islamic Iran, the enemy conspires to make its sweetness bitter to the taste of the people.

The representative of the people of Shahin Shahr in the parliament continued: When the enemy saw the divine miracle of the 21 million-strong Arbaeen Hosseini procession and saw the celebration of Ghadir throughout Iran, especially in Tehran with a population of one million people on Waliasr Street (AS), he started a conspiracy and The people of Iran know that behind the scenes of all these events and seditions are the evil and criminal government of England and those who took 17 thousand martyrs from Iran.

Mehdi Asgari: Malicious groups are looking for the disintegration of Great Iran

Also, Mehdi Asgari, the representative of the people of Karaj in the parliament, said in a verbal note: “The death of Mehsa Amini was bitter and unfortunate, and we were all affected by it and sympathized with her family.” The people of Iran were also offended by this issue with their pure feelings and emotions.

He added: “The pure feelings of the Iranian people that arose after this incident should be separated from what some malicious and separatist groups are looking for, and from crude fantasies that have been seeking the division of a great, strong and resistant Iran for years.”

The representative of the people of Karaj in the Islamic Council noted: This incident is bitter and unfortunate, and we must assure the people that we are seriously pursuing this issue and clarifying it by providing timely reports. .

Asgari continued: The reports related to the various agencies that are in charge should be presented to the people on time and the details of this issue should be honestly clarified so that the people gain confidence and confidence in the diligent follow-up of the agencies, as the heads of the three powers have emphasized.

He clarified: The Parliament is also following up on this matter, and yesterday, the Commission of Internal Affairs and Councils held a meeting on this issue with the presence of officials from various institutions and reviewed the various aspects and documents of this issue, the report of which will be presented to the people soon.

Zahedi: The people of Iran will consign all conspirators and seditionists to the dustbin of history

Furthermore, Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi, the representative of the people of Kerman and Raver in the Islamic Council, referring to the recent events in the country, said: “All of our hearts are wounded because every Iranian is dear to Iran, on the other hand, the people of Kurdistan have always been at the foot of the revolution, whether before the revolution or after. After the revolution. In the holy defense, we witnessed how our dear Kurds gave their lives and martyrs for this revolution.

He added: “The ill-wishers of this revolution want to use this muddy atmosphere that has been created to attack the holy Islamic system, but be aware that, God forbid, if the revolutionary anger of the people of Islamic Iran boils over, they will consign all the conspirators and seditionists to the dustbin of history.” .

A member of the Education, Research and Technology Commission of the Parliament noted: But it is recommended to the dear children and caring young people of the country not to be deceived by this virtual space managed by the Zionist regime, Al Saud, or fall and arrogance, and wait for the official announcement of the country’s forensic doctor. and it is assured that if there has been a violation, God forbid, it will be dealt with.

Zahedi stated: I warn the dear people of Iran that weakening the police force means weakening the country’s security, weakening security means damage to all Iranians, damage to the country, damage to the economy, damage to individual families, damage to work and unemployment. Be alert, the country needs a strong police force.

He added: But it is expected from various cultural institutions, especially the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, that why the cultural burden should be placed on the shoulders of the police force, what are so many cultural institutions doing in the country? They should be on the front line and should not make the police force be on the front line. The police force must be the protector of authority and security. I hope that an urgent and appropriate decision will be taken by the cultural institutions in this regard.

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