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A Tribute to Son of the Soil Maj Raja Aziz Bhatti

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti originally named Aziz Ahmed was born in 1928. His named stayed Aziz Ahmad during his period in Hong Kong. In...

The Gentlemen’s Game Ridiculed at the hands of Afghan Cricket Fans in UAE

It was the 13th century when the first reference to cricket appeared and the game gained popularity in the 17th century. Cricket became a...

From “Hindustani to Khalistani”: The Real Face of Secular India

The Indian nation portrays itself to be a secular state in the world but in reality, the Hindu population who’s in majority decides everything...

Making Fake Celebrities to Steer Propaganda on Balochistan; Case Studies of Karima & Shahdad Baloch

The vicious intentions of the enemy of Pakistan are not hidden from anyone. They want the country to be divided and the people to suffer. A propaganda war mainly using fake celebrities or opinion leaders from the targeted region has remained the master strategy for the enemy. Over the years political and economic instability has been pushed in the country by its enemies to plot anarchy and construct a divide between people and institutions. Institutions are the pillars that keep the foundation of any country strong and standing.

Enforced Disappearances a Myth to Instigate Violence in Pakistan

The International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances is observed on 30th August every year. On this day, the enemies inside and outside Pakistan...

How Some Tainted Scholars Sell their Pens; A Case Study of Ayesha Siddiqa

If someone has ever imagined how a Scholar and government official enjoying all the perks at national level can all of a sudden become...

Imran Khan – A Populist Who Thrives On Dissent & Friction

Since his ousting from the Prime Minister’s office Imran Khan has been chanting the slogans of US regime change conspiracy and involvement of a...


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