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Making Fake Celebrities to Steer Propaganda on Balochistan; Case Studies of Karima & Shahdad Baloch


Making Fake Celebrities to Steer Propaganda on Balochistan; Case Studies of Karima & Shahdad Baloch

The vicious intentions of the enemy of Pakistan are not hidden from anyone. They want the country to be divided and the people to suffer. A propaganda war mainly using fake celebrities or opinion leaders from the targeted region has remained the master strategy for the enemy. Over the years political and economic instability has been pushed in the country by its enemies to plot anarchy and construct a divide between people and institutions. Institutions are the pillars that keep the foundation of any country strong and standing.

Enemy states mainly India has been targeting the Institutions of Pakistan through their infernal machine of propaganda with the help of fake celebrities such as Karima Baloch, Shahdad Baloch, Arooj Aurangzeb, Manzoor Pashteen, and many others. These unknown puppets belonging from a community with a heavy investment and malicious designs are first transformed into opinion leaders of that specific community and then used for dispersing planned disinformation campaigns. These so-called celebrities are actually sleeper cells being handled by the enemy spy agencies. The whole process is part of the 5th Generation War strategies, as it is all about creating negative images and damaging positive ones.

Balochistan has remained a target of Indian proxies and propaganda warfare for a long time and after the evolution and modernization of digital landscape these campaigns are becoming more intense. Some specific Individuals with materialistic aspirations are selected and exploited and made fake celebrities so that they have an influence over the community they belong to. Two of such personalities are Karima Baloch and Shahdad Baloch.

Karima Baloch:

Karima Baloch

A girl belonging from the District Kech Balochistan with zero achievements or any credibility becomes famous with the help of a video in which she asks help from Indian PM Narendra Modi. This video is mentioned in EU DisInfo Lab report as part of the Indian Propaganda against Pakistan. Fake NGOs were established and a selected pool of students used to deliver speeches at Geneva using the platform of these NGOs. All these NGOs were fake and the so-called students were installed sleeper cells.

Karima Baloch was one of them and it has been proved that she worked for Indian Intelligence who later killed her after her named surfaced in the DisInfo Lab report. As per the report, there were several hundreds of pro-Indian interventions at the UN Human Rights Council connected to these dubious NGOs. A large number of organisations (NGOs, think-tanks, political parties…) were given the floor via these accredited-NGOs: Baloch Voice Association, European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS), the World Sindh Congress, the United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP), Jammu Kashmir Peace and Development Institute, Baloch People’s Congress, World Baloch Women’s Forum, Gilgit Baltistan Studies, Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC), Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), Baloch Students Organisation, Baloch People’s Congress, Baloch Republican Party, Baloch Voice Foundation, Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party

Shahdad Baloch:

Shahdad Baloch

The BLA terrorist Shadad Baloch is another case study of Indian sleeper cells in Pakistan. As per the sources Shahdad was under the observation of Indian Intelligence for a long time. He was contacted and later utilized for running proxies against the civil and military targets in Balochistan. The sources also exposed the funding channels of Shahdad during his study at the Quaid-I-Azam University. His peers also confirmed that he received money from France in the name of scholarship.After completing his Mphill from Quaid-I-Azam university he joined the terrorist organization BLA to participate in terrorist activities in Balochistan.

During his study tenure he was involved in clashes with other students that showed his extremist orientation. He was killed in an operation and was later projected as a hero with the help of Indian media campaigns.

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