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Imran Khan’s changing colors; Short Journey – Threatening to Pleading


Imran Khan’s changing colors; Short Journey – Threatening to Pleading

Imran Khan’s changing colors; Short Journey – Threatening to Pleading

Imran Khan has a habit of taking U-turns and now it seems that he has mastered another habit of changing colours rather quickly. After his ousting from the PM office he was extremely aggressive and wanted to create an unrest in the country that could help him regain the premier spot. He wanted to use his aggression for inciting anger among people so that a violent environment could be created wherein as consequence to rioting and violence, army is eventually sucked in to handle the situation. In an interview with a US-Pakistani anchor on Bol television, PTI Chairman Imran Khan without any fear threatened that country would descend into a civil war if elections were not announced as desired. He also said that:

‘If the establishment doesn’t make the right calls, the country will head towards suicide. If the establishment doesn’t make the right decisions, then I can assure you in writing that they and the army will be destroyed because of what will become of the country if it goes bankrupt. Pakistan is going towards a default. If that happens then which institution will be [worst] hit? The army. After it is hit, what concession will be taken from us? Denuclearisation”.
The new government came into power in April 2022 —just less than two months ago and how has this government pushed the country towards this grave situation Imran Khan indicated? Isn’t this a question that Imran Khan should have answered? He was the Prime Minister of this country for over past 3.5 years but the question that still remains unanswered what he has done to make Pakistan self-sufficient and self-sustaining? IK is always sacred from answering these questions therefore he always comes with a new story that is baseless and devoid of corroboratory evidence and facts.

Imran Khan was unable to explain to his followers that why the country has been facing the economic turmoil and what he did being the PM of the country for the 3.5 years to avert this long brewing economic meltdown? Then after conduct of failed Azaadi March, he saw that people rejected his fictitious tales and wanted something productive and doable from him to resolve their burning issues and problems related to sky rocketing inflation and poor economy. However rather than answering to these difficult questions, he kept harping conspiracy mantra. His tone was extremely threatening when he had the illusion that he enjoyed massive public support as was indicative from his brigades of key board warriors social media tea cup storm. However, with flop Azadi March and incumbent government’s decision to take difficult economic decisions and not budge to IK’s threatening rhetoric, his tone has turned more towards pleading to Judiciary and the establishment. Visibly it can be seen that his rhetoric has shifted from threatening the stakeholders to now pleading the institutions to come to his rescue. The journey from asking for immediate & early elections to avoid anarchy in the country has now been re-aligned with the sub-minimal demand of forming a judicial commission as a face saving measure. IK knows that his twisting and misleading rhetoric has lost that initial steam it once gained and now he has to alter and change the narrative which is more defensive in nature to protect his immediate family and party leadership from facing the countless corruption and misappropriation charges. With every passing day, more corruption related scandals are emerging which are likely to discredit his host of narratives woven around cardinals of “Islamic Touch”. It is very likely that the dangerous and reckless journey that he embarked upon after his ouster by threatening all the institutions is now passing through the pleading phase which is likely to again turn to threatening mode if no relief is provided to him from the Supreme Court of Pakistan as per his aspirations. Inflation stricken Pakistanis needs to brace yet again for another impact in near future if Imran Khan senses that judiciary is not responsive and the establishment continues to maintain its apolitical stance, much to his annoyance.

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Robert Miller .
Robert Miller .
Robert Miller is Australia based freelance journalist. He writes frequently on international conflict, nuclear safety & security, and international peace.

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