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How Some Tainted Scholars Sell their Pens; A Case Study of Ayesha Siddiqa


How Some Tainted Scholars Sell their Pens; A Case Study of Ayesha Siddiqa

If someone has ever imagined how a Scholar and government official enjoying all the perks at national level can all of a sudden become a dubious character? Ayesha Siddiqa can be a good example in this regard. Being a pleonectic personality she decided to work with the enemy and spur propaganda against her own state that provided her all the opportunities, comforts, and respect. It is extremely important to highlight scholars like Ayesha Siddiqa as they are responsible for defaming the field of academia. So-called researchers and scholars like Ayesha Siddiqa choose money over the ethical values of work.

The story of Ayesha is fascinating and must be studied by everyone from the field of academia. A lady who once served in the naval war college as a civil servant in Pakistan ended up working for the Indian intelligence. It is a riveting tale of selling your pen and betraying your country for the sake of money. While working as a government servant she was found to have links with the Indian intelligence and therefore forced to retire from her service after only 11 years of service.

She had an emergency visit of Afghanistan from 12 to 18 October 2016. The aim behind that visit was to conduct meetings with RAW (Indian external intelligence agency) and NDS (Afghan intelligence agency) officials under the garb of Herat Security Dialogue. Ayesha manipulated the crew to board the PIA flight PK-249 from Islamabad without valid travel documents and an Afghan visa. Her contacts at the senior level of PIA and foreign ministry specially Arif Ayub who is known for having close contacts with the Indian Intelligence community helped her in the process. The Indian intelligence was interested in the intel she had working in the Naval War College. Claiming to attend the Herat Security Dialogue she ironically did not utter a single word at the conference. Because the main project started after the conference when she was quietly taken to the Indian Consulate Herat at around 9:20 pm by security officer of the Consulate Mr Kulveer Singh.

Indian RAW Official Kulveer Singh

She went to the consulate on a car without any number plate and spent there over 3 hours having meetings with RAW officials including Mr Sandeep Kumar. During these meetings she had a telephonic conversation with India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval. The intelligence sources say that she also requested Doval for a direct conversation with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

On 16 October 2016, she had a meeting with Indian Defence Advisor Brigadier YP Khanduri for 30 minutes, at Serena Hotel Kabul.

Ayesha Siddiqa and Indian RAW Officials who met In Afghanistan
Ayesha Siddiqa and Indian RAW Officials who met In Afghanistan

As per the sources she requested financial support for her book launch that was written against Pakistan Army. The next day she visited the Indian Embassy along with Ms Tehmina Arif. There she also met with RAW officials for three hours and an Afghan NDS vehicle was used for transportation of both the ladies from hotel. She was successful in having a telephonic conversation with Indian PM Narendra Modi over there and her mission mutiny officially started. Soon after that visit, she started participating in anti-Pakistan campaigns targeting Pakistan’s military. She established contacts with anti-Pakistan elements such as Tarek Fatah who is a known abuser of Islam and Pakistan.


Currently, she is working at SOAS South Asian Institute, London as a research associate. As a researcher, she has no credibility as she possesses a biased approach and only participates in propaganda-based commentary against Pakistan. Due to its embarrassingly enough research, her own institute refrains to publish any of her work. But interestingly she writes frequently in Indian media against Pakistan’s military to keep her handlers happy. The poor analytical quality is only published by Indian print media to instigate disinformation against Pakistan Army. Her books have been blatantly criticized as poor research work and pieces full of redundancies by unbiased readers while the only positive remarks she received were from the Indian people. Selling her pen to the enemy of her state was an act of dishonesty and she is regarded as a traitor to the academic field. People belonging to the field of academia disown her as a researcher and she is only invited to Indian media programs.

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