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How India Escaped FATF Radar Despite Proven Involvement in Terror Sponsorship


How India Escaped FATF Radar Despite Proven Involvement in Terror Sponsorship

India is an interesting case study when it comes to terror funding and engaging proxies to instigate violence in other states. One of the main reason why India indulges in such activities is the strategic doctrine inspired by the teachings of Kautilya which both the military and civilian leadership exercise. This doctrine is known for its hostile approach and the notion of dominance through destruction. It’s fascinating that a country like India has remained successful in escaping the attention of International organizations like FATF that monitors the international terror funding networks.

The irony in Indian case is that the terror elements are not only used for foreign countries but also utilized inside the country for political leverage. The successive governments in India have used terrorist attacks to put the blame on Pakistan so they could get the sympathy from their people and eventually win the next elections. There are some examples of terrorist attacks in India that were proven to be planned by the Indian intelligence agencies on direction of the Indian establishment. The Indian parliament attack in 2001 is an example when terrorists using a diplomatic car with diplomatic stickers entered the parliament without any security officials checking it. And then even finding the front entrance unsecured, they went for the entrance from behind knowing they could inflict more damage as the front door opened had given them a direct passage to the main hall of the parliament. The post attack intelligence report was not made public and later it was blamed on Pakistan without any evidence.

Then in the Mumbai attacks without any investigation the blame was put on Pakistan. Later, the Pulwama attack was also part of Indian political objectives and all the evidences indicated the attack to be planned by Indian establishment themselves. But, the central government refused to public the investigation report on the incident. One permanent feature in all these terrorist attacks in India was that all of these happened before general elections and these benefitted the sitting government. So, it clearly indicates that the Kautilyan doctrine of destruction and dominance remains the prime policy for Indian strategists. Instigating insurgencies in Pakistan through Afghanistan is another task, which has been kept permanent by every successive government in India. Kulbhushan Yadav, an Indian serving naval officer who was caught spying by Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence disclosed the terrorist networks sponsored by India in Pakistan. He has confessed that he was tasked to conduct terror attacks in different parts of Pakistan.

But the question is despite all these malicious involvements why India doesn’t come under the radar of agencies like FATF and other international organisations. The answer is Indian disinformation campaigns and lobbying. EU DisinfoLab report clarifies how Indians have been successful in creating a confirmation bias by portraying themselves as responsible state and maligning Pakistan with the help of fake news and fake media outlets. India has always incited propaganda against Pakistan on the issue of FATF and with the help of concocted disinformation campaigns they have been successful in dodging the same agency despite their key role in fomenting terrorism in neighbouring countries. The international community and FATF must investigate the proven cases listed in investigation reports and statements of Indian Spies like Kulbhushan Yadav and take strong actions. The regional imbalance will continue to persist until or unless the belligerent countries like India are not held accountable for their actions.

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