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Did Imran Khan miss the Bus……..yet again?


Did Imran Khan miss the Bus……..yet again?

The political turmoil in Pakistan is worsening and the economic downfall is adding insult to injury. The former Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying to instigate violence against his ousting from the PM office using a fictitious tale of foreign conspiracy against him. So far, he has tried his best to become a populist leader of Pakistan, but due to lack of any future economic plan and absence of vibrant road map to get the country out of crisis, he appears to be loosing traction that he gained earlier. The narrative of Imran Khan so far has been to portray himself as the saviour of Pakistan and only solution to all the existing problems in the country.

The surge to power appears to be the only prevalent agenda these days for the ex PM who lately has been maintaining rather a quieter face. It is worth mentioning that due to weaker performances by the political parties, Pakistan economic crisis have deepen overtime. During the last 14 years of a democratic tenure in Pakistan, the political elites enjoyed complete liberty but unfortunately, they failed to deliver anything productive to the people of Pakistan.

PTI is working on the agenda of master narratives (carefully crafted narratives meant to mobilize individuals and groups for a particular cause). Such narratives would play the key role in inciting violence, which may drag Pakistan towards a catch-22 situation.

This war of self-interest and power surge during a time when Pakistan is facing economic instability leading to rampant inflation, power shortfall, and related issues can prove to be detrimental for Pakistan. The chance of an impending civil unrest cannot be overruled hence national integration is the need of time and political consensus over key national issues can help row the boat towards normality.

However, Imran Khan has refused to negotiate despite various opportunities for talks on national consensus. He is working on an ambiguous agenda, hence driving Pakistan towards an unprecedented chaos in terms of economic instability and political discord. PDM again called for negotiations on early elections recently and it was what demanded by IK and his team but as his reputation he took a U-turns and didn’t agree for any productive talks. PTI as a cult political party is skating on thin ice, and they must watch their steps otherwise the country would be left with nothing but chaos. The destruction of social fabric would be the end state if the same narrative war is continued. The security forces of Pakistan are already in the challenging phase due to complex nature of threat and the political instability is further dragging the country to a deeper crisis. Recovery measures are required on immediate basis for finding a way out of this crisis, otherwise the nation would find itself in a cleft stick.

The situation is heading nowhere as the call of early election is not visible yet. On the other hand, no positive move from leadership of Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf is adding more to the existing problems.

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Humais Sheikh .
Humais Sheikh .
Humais Sheikh is an independent Defence Analyst based in Islamabad. He has completed his Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad

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