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China: America should respond to Iran’s reasonable concerns to reach a final agreement


China: America should respond to Iran’s reasonable concerns to reach a final agreement

According to IRNA’s report on Thursday, Wang Kuan, Russia’s ambassador and permanent representative to international organizations based in Vienna, stated that the negotiations in Vienna have reached the last key point and all parties have shown their constructive stance and political desire to reach a final agreement.

He added that the United States, as the main culprit of disrupting the implementation of the JCPOA, “must make a political decision and respond to Iran’s reasonable concerns so that the final agreement can be realized as soon as possible.”

The senior Chinese diplomat added: Whether a solution acceptable to all parties can be found to ensure the monitoring of the remaining safeguard issues is directly related to the agreement to resume the implementation of the JCPOA.

Pointing out that the file on possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program, known as PMD, was closed in 2015, he clarified that the remaining issues are from two decades ago, “which have neither urgency nor proliferation risk.” Accordingly, Kwan stressed that these issues should not be magnified and become a major obstacle to achieving the Vienna agreement.

The representative of China added that putting pressure on Iran does not help to resolve disputes and reduce tensions, and accordingly, China asks the parties participating in the talks to provide the necessary conditions and favorable atmosphere for a faster agreement, considering the general situation.

After months of intense talks, the sanctions lifting negotiations have reached a point where the final agreement will be reached in the shortest possible time if the United States of America accepts the requirements for the formation of a stable and reliable agreement.

Iran emphasizes that the condition for reaching an agreement is to effectively and permanently lift the sanctions in such a way that the economic benefit of the people is provided and it does not remain as a lever of pressure to be used against Iran.

But the weak government of Joe Biden, which does not have the power to decide to return to the nuclear agreement due to internal problems and the pressure of the Zionist regime, has resorted to the tactic of blaming and setting fake deadlines, which has prolonged the negotiation process.

Hossein Amirabdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, stated yesterday that there has been no change in Iran’s positions regarding the Vienna negotiations. By publishing a message on his Instagram account, he stated that Iran has repeatedly shown sufficient will and good will to reach the final step of a good, strong and stable agreement, and the only obstacle to an agreement in the current situation is lack of realism and lack of The will is necessary on the part of America.

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