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aftershocks of the queen’s death; The Caribbean countries demand the end of British rule and reparations


aftershocks of the queen’s death;  The Caribbean countries demand the end of British rule and reparations

According to IRNA’s report on Friday from Reuters news agency; With the end of the 70-year reign of Elizabeth II on the British royal family with her death, her son Charles has become the King of England.

Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean region, which are still within the framework of the Commonwealth of Nations after coming out of direct British colonial rule, want to come out of this structure in the 21st century.

The heads of some of the 54 Commonwealth of Nations countries have expressed displeasure at the 2022 meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, about the transfer of the presidency of their countries from Elizabeth II to Charles.

An eight-day visit in March by Prince William, son of Charles and the current crown prince of England, and his wife Kate to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas was met with demands for reparations and apologies for slavery.

Nyambi Hall – Campbell University Professor and Chairman of the National Compensation Committee of the Bahamas in a message of condolence on the occasion of the death of Elizabeth II, to Charles’ acknowledgment of the brutality and terrible oppression of slavery in last year’s ceremony (2021) to mark the end of British rule over Barbados and the establishment of a republic in This island is mentioned.

In the 15th to 19th centuries, European countries transported more than 10 million Africans as slaves to the Atlantic region and forced those who survived this oppressive journey into slavery and forced labor in the plantations of the Caribbean and America.

The Jamaican government last year announced plans to seek reparations for nearly 600,000 Africans who were forced to work on sugar cane and banana plantations that brought huge fortunes to British slave owners. Jamaica has said it may soon follow the lead of Barbados in breaking out of the British royal family.

A poll last month “August” showed that 56 percent of Jamaicans want the end of the British royal family’s presidency over their country.

According to IRNA; The new wave of Australian separatism from England was formed on September 30, 1399, when the people of “Barbados” in the Caribbean, another country of the British Commonwealth, voted in favor of removing the Queen of England from power and becoming a republic.

Apart from Barbados, although a number of wealthy former British Commonwealth countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada, still regard Elizabeth II as their country’s first person, some smaller Caribbean countries are keen to distance themselves from the dynasty. Remove the royal ranks.

In the wake of Barbados becoming a republic in 2021, the authorities of at least 6 Caribbean countries are trying to remove the British royal family from the sovereignty of their country.

In Australia itself, earlier on the 6th of February 2016, tens of thousands of people and natives took part in large-scale demonstrations in different cities of this country, declaring their disgust with the dark era of colonialism, and once again called for the change of Australia’s national day, which coincided with the event. It is British colonialism encroachment on this country. They believe that Australia will always be the land of the natives, despite the fact that the British general had declared in 1788 when occupying the country that England had added this ‘uninhabited’ area to its colonies.

The original inhabitants of Australia say that historical documents indicate that their successive generations have lived throughout this continent for the past 50,000 years, and therefore they object to the denial of their history by their government (under British control) and say that until If this trend exists, there will be a gap between the past and new generations in this country.

A vast country like Australia is gradually going to approve the end of the reign of the Queen of England with republicanism, so that it is a necessary step to compensate the material and spiritual damage for the natives of this continent or the vast country.

This wave of separatism has gradually formed in Scotland and even Canada, because the latest survey in Canada shows that even though the people of this country do not have much problem with the rule of Queen Elizabeth over their country, they are completely against her possible successor. and this means that after the death of Queen Elizabeth, the British Empire will not see the sunrise in Australia, but also will not experience its sunset in Canada.

It should be remembered that the former Great Britain, which is the biggest colonizer in history and became known as the old colonialist after America gained power in the world, expanded its colonies so much in its era that it claimed that the sun would never set in its empire. Because the expansion of this territory required a large army, which caused a lot of slaughter in the colonies, especially among their natives.

“The sun never sets in Britain!” It is an old saying in British rule, and they believed that there is always a part of the globe that belongs to Britain and where the sun shines, because there was a time when London ruled over a quarter of the globe, but today, gradually in the new era of power It has lost itself and the decay process of this colonial power will be completed with the beginning of a new wave of republicanism and independence in important countries such as Australia, Canada and even Scotland.

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