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AdultsWith ADHD Wednesday, November 9, 2022 Kathleen Nadeau PhD


AdultsWith ADHD Wednesday, November 9, 2022 Kathleen Nadeau PhD

Kathryn interviews Author Rosemary Schmidt.Like clams finding nourishment from filter feeding, Rosemary Schmidt derives strength from taking in the bits and bytes of information swirling all around her and weaving it into a cohesive mosaic. Putting thoughts and ideas into a logical sequence that tells a story helps her make sense of a sometimes senseless world. Weaving research from the fields of sociology, psychology and neurology with deeply personal, relatable anecdotes, Schmidt contemplates what brings people joy, how change happens and what makes people tick. She shares stories related to her time as a supervisor, the sudden loss of her sister, and her mother’s gradual decline and eventual passing. “Without telling you what to do, The Happy Clam offers a roadmap and allows you to chart your own course,” Schmidt adds. “It will make you think and leave you smiling.” She is a Boston-area author, blogger and professional geologist. Kathryn also interviews Author Kathleen Nadeau PhD.Much has been written about how to help children with ADHD, but next to nothing on ADHD in older adults – which can often mirror, imitate, or exacerbate the normal brain changes associated with aging. Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, a foremost authority on older adults with ADHD, offers strategies for how this population can lead calmer, happier, more productive lives, and create a more ADHD-friendly retirement. She explains how living with ADHD in later years is hugely influenced by multiple factors such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and learning disorders combined with a heightened level of stress, the presence or lack of support from others, and the number of people we are responsible for can all complicate and intensify the effects of ADHD. She is the founder and clinical director of the largest private ADHD specialty clinic in the US.

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