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9 Isfahani producers succeeded in receiving the excellent employer card


9 Isfahani producers succeeded in receiving the excellent employer card

According to IRNA, Seyyed Abdulwahab Sahlabadi said in a gathering of reporters at Isfahan Mining Industry and Trade House on Thursday: Issuing an employer card, which is a form of guarantee for employers, has been on the agenda in this province for the past 10 years.

Stating that all the employers of Isfahan province have the possibility to register to receive the Sarmad card, he said: having an operating license, the right number of workers, providing productivity documents and continuous quality control are the requirements and indicators for receiving the Sarmad card, and not violating the laws. And standard regulations, membership in the Chamber of Commerce, no labor disputes, protecting the environment and paying attention to the mental health of the employees of the complex are other indicators in this field.

The head of Iran’s House of Industry, Mining and Trade stated that the people who get the top card must have a gold card for 3 to five years in a row, adding: necessary coordination and cooperation with the judicial system for issuing employers’ cards was also done and this card It is very effective in legal and social circles.

Referring to the purpose of defining and issuing the best employer card, he said: giving a grade to employers has been considered in this field, so that employers can enjoy a special legal status during the years of activity.

The head of Iran’s House of Industry, Mining and Trade stated that the employer’s top card is replaced every year and added: In this context, an important and significant change in the industrial and production complex should take place every year so that the top employer’s card is awarded to producers and craftsmen again. to be

Stating that social responsibility also has a significant impact on employers’ assessment, Sahlabadi clarified: In terms of using modern technologies, employers are also given points.

Stating that 133 associations are members of the Isfahan Employers Association, he added: Verification of employers’ data is requested from these associations, and the capacity of leading employers can be used to improve the conditions of other industries.

The head of Iran’s House of Industry, Mining and Trade added: The selection of 9 top artisans and producers from all the cities of the province has been made and all dimensions have been considered for this selection.

Sahlabadi noted: The law of hard and harmful work is a challenge facing the industries.

Pointing out that the implementation of the hard and harmful work law is a challenge facing the industries, he said: At the present time, the retirement rate of the society has decreased and this is dangerous. We have many problems with social security, and I raised this issue in the presence of the president.

Pointing out that in the current situation and considering the economic problems, wage earners are facing the biggest challenges, he said: Today, the workers are helpless in meeting their medical expenses and they are facing housing problems, and there is no suitable support package for this section of the society. does not have.

The first conference to introduce the leading employer of Isfahan province will be held on October 13 this year in the hall of 1000 people in the City Center of Isfahan.

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