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66% growth of sustainable budget resources in 5 months of 1401/oil revenue collection grew 700%


66% growth of sustainable budget resources in 5 months of 1401/oil revenue collection grew 700%

According to IRNA, from the International Relations and Information Center of the Budget Program Organization, the performance statistics of the main variables of the first five months of 1401 indicate the government’s reliance on stable incomes and avoiding borrowing from the central bank, an approach that addresses the continuation of the downward slope of inflation in the coming months.

In the first five months of the year, the government’s revenue sources reached 412 thousand billion tomans, which is a 56.5% growth compared to last year; Also, public revenues, as the most stable component of the government’s resources, have reached about 249 thousand billion Tomans with a growth of 66.5%.

With the government’s focus on combating tax evasion instead of increasing the tax burden on the productive sector of the economy, the amount of tax revenues has grown significantly by 73% and has reached 200 thousand billion Tomans.

During this period, the collection of oil revenues has grown by 700% and the sales of oil and oil products have reached 114 thousand billion tomans. This statistic shows that the 13th government has been able to export more oil than the previous government and that the money from its sale has returned to the country, which means the government’s success in circumventing oil sanctions.

In addition to trying to run the country and create economic prosperity with non-inflationary means, the government is still forced to clear the rubble and repay the heavy debts created by the previous government. In the first five months, the acquisition of financial assets, which is mostly due to the redemption of previously issued bonds, has grown by 251%, in other words, the 13th government has settled 55 thousand billion Tomans of the previous government’s debt in the first five months of this year.

Meanwhile, during the same period, the release of resources resulting from the transfer of financial assets, i.e. the release of bonds, has decreased by more than 51%; That is, the government does not believe in selling the future and creating a heavy debt for future generations, and is advancing its program based on increasing clean and stable incomes.

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